Independent Sales Representatives: The Critical Link

Where would we be without you?

Maintaining close contact with nearly a thousand distributors spread throughout the 50 states would be impossible if not for the often Herculean efforts of our team of Sales Representatives.

Over the years Lambskin Specialties has been blessed with an amazing team of independent organizations that have introduced our products to the market.  Since our first representatives like Irv Goldstein, Mark Reimers, Jim Hankenson and Walt Kolterman, these individuals and organizations have shown a great deal of faith in our company and products.  Today we are proud to be represented by among the industry’s finest, in 17 territories, covering all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Independent reps offer a variety of complimentary lines that provides buyers with the trifecta of effeciency, economy, and education.  It is a perfect synergy that benefits us, the distributor buyer and the end users. 

A little trivia anyone?

Now here’s a bit of trivia; Tom Kolterman, has the distinction of being our longest serving representative.  He started with Kolterman Associates, joing his father Walt, in 1980, and later continued the company on his own.  In  1997 he joined forces with Northstar Sales.  Working with Tom has been an honor and pleasure. I am also proud to call him a friend. 

Our longest serving rep organization is the Chicago based RTF Group.  Lead by the estimable, energetic and unstoppable Dick Friedman, RTF has represented Lambskin Specialties since 1985!  Dick has assembled an exceptional team, inside and out, that has achieved numerous sales awards recognizing their success and commitment.  

RTF Showroom

An inside look at the RTF Group demonstration room at their offices in Lake Bluff, IL.


By contrast, our youngest group joined us in October 2011. With the retirement of Bob McClung, we welcomed Access Partners in Southern California.  Bob was an industry veteran, perennial sales leader, and is possibly the nicest man in the world.  The folks at Access have continued where Bob left off, building on our sales successes, establishing new distributor relationships while building on our existing relationships.

May we announce….

And now, on Friday March 1st, we will officially welcome the newest team to our sales force, as we proudly introduce Robert George Sales in Upstate New York. Robert George takes over from Stockdale Co.  – previously Norsen Sales.   We will miss Terry Norsen, who has personally represented Lambskin Specialties in the region for nearly 20 years, and wish him the best in retirement.

Dan Koplinka and Terry Doherty

Dan Koplinka (Left) and Terry Doherty; The Principals of Robert George Sales

Robert George Sales is based in the Rochester area and is lead by Terry Doherty and Dan Koplinka.  They are joined by Robbie Sampson in Eastern NY State and  Marcia Fitzpatrick in the Western region .  Inside support is provided by Susan Habberfield  and Ann Thomas.  With their broad coverage and market expertise, we expect great things from this organization. 

So as we welcome this new group, we are left to ponder a very important question, ‘where would we be without our representatives’?  The answer is pretty simple – no-where!  They represent an essential link between us as the manufacturer, the distributor, and the end user.  They disseminate information, demonstrate products, and maintain critical relationships. 

The next time you see one of our representatives, welcome them with open arms and an open mind. 

Have a great day.

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