Welcome to my Blog – The Dirt on Dusters

The Big Pro 312FH Duster

The 312FH “Big Pro” was our first DUST WAND lambswool duster model. It is still an industry standard.

Greetings to you all.

It’s not that I am that old (because I’m not), but when I was in University, I would have assumed a ‘Blog’ was some creature in horror movie from the ’60’s .  How times have changed.

So today I am pleased to welcome you to my Blog,  ‘The Dirt on Dusters’ (not a horror movie).  This is my opportunity to connect with you – our distributors, representatives and the people on the front lines that use our products. I am reaching you on your computer at work, or at home, or at the beach, or on your smart phone wherever you may be.  That’s a pretty exciting prospect.

Indeed, it is this remarkable ability to gain instant reach that takes me back over 4 decades when we launched the DUST WAND lambswool dusters in the late ’60’s.

Communicating with distributors was pretty restricted; you either made phone calls (over real phones – not skype), wrote letters (real ones…on paper, typed, and put in envelopes with stamps), or you made face to face calls.  The process was slow to say the least.  The obstacles immense.  But that was the way to do business.  No one knew differently.  No Linkedin; no texting; no Facebook; no websites; no cell phones; and no Blogs.

The Journey of a Lifetime

I was 8 and my brother Victor was 10 when our father took us on the sales journey of a lifetime.  I promise to share some of the amazing details in future entries – it’s a fun story.  But the real point is that being able to share my message with thousands of readers at the same time is such a long way from what my father was required/able to do when he introduced the wool duster to the industry so long ago.

While the face to face contact that my father engaged in allowed him to build personal connections with the companies he did business with, modern communication technology such as Blogs, gives me the opportunity to increase those connections exponentially.  And when I do get out there to make calls and visit trade shows, hopefully we will have already established some connections.

So here I am afforded the luxury of sharing my thoughts with you from the comfort of…well just about anywhere…at just about any time…and about almost any subject. Powerful and fun.

A chance for us all to learn

The main purpose is to give you the opportunity to learn more about  Lambskin Specialties and our products. Hopefully you will learn a little more about me and the people here at Lambskin Specialties in the process.

At the same time, we hope to learn more about you.  So please take a few minutes to offer your comments.  If you have used our products, tell us about your experience.  Your questions and input are always welcomed.  I want this to be a shared experience.

Have a great day.