Nature at Work

 Where did the time go?

It’s a new year. February is coming to a close, and spring is just around the corner. Ah, spring, in these parts, at least, it means the return to green – green grass and green leaves, the flowers bloom and the rivers flow. The Cycle of nature is remarkable, and it never fails to amaze me how we can emerge from the the cold, white blanket we live under for 4 months to a world of color, warmth, life and energy.  This brings me inevitably to this simple phrase: “Nature at Work”.

At the 2012 ISSA Show we introduced this important message; Nature at Work describes the perfect system of growth, regeneration, reuse and reapplication that we know as nature.  Three words – nature at work; the message is simple and to the point.  It describes the world around us, and captures the essence and value of the core of the Lambskin Specialties/DUST WAND line.  Natural products work, and they are environmentally sustainable. 

Nature at Work

Nature at Work by Lambskin Specialties

For over 40 years, Lambskin Specialties has focussed on products that are manufactured from natural materials – not because it was in style or because of a green doctrine, but because they really work.  Both our wool dusters and our feather dusters are manufactured with raw materials that come from nature, not factories. 

Triple threat!

Wool dusters are a triple threat (no they don’t sing, dance and act).  The combination of static electricity, a web of fibers, and lanolin does work together harmoniously to gently and effectively attract and hold dust. It really is amazing that nature could invent such a valuable and versatil raw material. Beyond cleaning, wool has many properies that make it ideal for other applications (more on that in a future post).


Close up an personal with the wool used on our dusters.

The much maligned feather!

As I wrote in an earlier post, feather dusters have long been maligned as a product that just moves dust around, making working for cleaning staff.  But this simply isn’t the case.  Feathers gently reach in and grab dust from tough to reach spots, while protecting the most delicate and fragile surfaces.

Now don’t get me wrong, mirco fibers and synthetics do work, and they have their place in the arsenal of front line cleaning personnel.  But there is a reason why wool and feather dusters have been around for decades, and are still an industry staple – they work!  They do the job.  And now the secret is finally out – they are natural!

Put nature to work with the DUST WAND line of wool dusters and feather dusters.

Lambskin Specialties – “Nature at Work”.