What Else?

After ‘What’s new?’…  ‘What else do you have?’ is probably the most commonly asked question of manufacturer.   And it is a great question!  I should know, I have heard it often enough.  In fact, we even created an ad campaign around that very question!

At Lambskin Specialties, we were always known for the Big Pro 312FH wool duster.  It was the industry standard.  We quickly learned that not every dusting job is the same…and they require different tools.  That is why we created extension dusters, and flex dusters, and wall dusters, and corner dusters…you get the idea. These products were created to address the different dusting applications faced by the front line cleaning staff – making their job easier, safer, and more economical.

What Else do you have?

No single duster will do every dusting job.


But the interesting thing I have learned about sales (and it applies equally to children!), the more you have, the more your customers want…and expect of you. So we didn’t stop there.  Over the years, we have broadened the line to include feather dusters and synthetic dusters, cob web dusters and microfibers.

Beyond the Duster

And beyond the duster category, other products such as buffing pads, applicator pads and wash mitts have been mainstays from early on.  Floor dusters, chamois, utility handles, carpet bonnets, window scrubbers and squeegees and auto squeegee are among the many products that have entered the Lambskin Specialties line over the years, and answer that question…’What else’?

All This and More

We are more than just a duster!

We have been committed to building the bundle of products that we offer; not just scratching the surface, but ensuring that we bring solutions, not simply products.  And we will continue to do that for as long as we exist.

‘What else’ isn’t just a question, it is a call to action!  Never stop asking the question, and never lower your expectations of the response.

Have a great summer.